"Daddy, I'm so stressed about this."

[vc_row fullwidth="false" attached="false" padding="0" visibility="" animation=""][vc_column border_color="" visibility="" width="1/1"][vc_column_text disable_pattern="true" align="left" margin_bottom="0"]Even though she is only 9, my  youngest keeps me on the edge of my seat with her witty questions and sayings.  Bedtime "Bible Stories"  evolve into great conversations about why or how Jesus does this or that.  Our story the other night "opened up a can" on how Satan ended up where he is and how he got so many people to follow him.  I could sense that she was confused and a bit disturbed at the whole idea.  She scrunched up her little nose and said, "Ugh,  Daddy, this stresses me out!"  I resisted the urge to break into a full-fledged smile and just let one corner of my mouth turn, "What stresses you out?"  Abi:  "If all these people are following Satan now, how in the world will we get them to change their minds?" You know… just your run of the mill,  simple conversation before bed - not a chance with this little one.  Trying to answer  with a kiss and a hug ends with an MMA pretzel hold on your leg.  She's actually quite strong.  Monkey bars - every day.

I needed something that would settle her little heart and, honestly, I needed something to settle my mind and heart on this whole good and evil matter.

How often are my prayers filled with these same questions in some form or another?  Will Jesus capture my own kiddos hearts at an early age?  Will they be led by His agenda or their own?  "Lord, how are you going to do this?  Can you do this soon with our kids before we smite them from the face of the earth?"

I needed something.  iPod.  She listens to worship music  every night .  It's so picking loud, I wonder how she sleeps, but the familiar songs that Daddy sings on Sundays play on repeat from her iPod.  I asked her, "Did you make the songs on your iPod?"  She tilted her curly head, "What do you mean?"  I continued, "Do you have to make the music that comes out of your ipod or do you just press play?"  MMA death grip beginning to loosen, "I just press play."  I am riding this teachable moment to victory, "That's what our job is.  Jesus makes the music of the Gospel and we press play.  That's it.  Now, go to bed before I shoot you."

Do I believe what I am saying?  Can I release my thoughts from the arm-bar of self-righteousness  that holds me captive?  Can I really trust Him?

I have the same conversation  with my Father almost every night as I punch and push my pillow into position.  There's something simple and beautiful about bringing my stressed out questions to Him.  He can handle the particulars and the details.

Just press play, Chad.   The work has been done.  Victory has been achieved.  I began this work in you, your wife, your children and billions of others.  I will accomplish everything I set out to do.

Just press play.  [/vc_column_text][mk_icon_box2 icon_type="icon" icon_size="64" icon="mk-li-paper-plane" icon_color="#02b3ff" title="Follow Chad's Blog and never miss a post." title_size="24" title_weight="inherit" title_top_padding="10" title_bottom_padding="10" align="center"]Subscribe Here to get the good stuff delivered to your inbox every week.[/mk_icon_box2][/vc_column][/vc_row]